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I am Kirsti, your IML guide

I am a certified hiking guide, leading you to enriching and exhilarating long treks. I have a lifetime of experience hiking in the wilderness, on snow and in the mountains. Over the past 14 years I have lived in Finale Ligure and Chamonix. I grew up in Finland, Thailand and Saudi Arabia, while my art and design studies took me to London and Milan.

I am an avid mountaineer and skier as well as a trail runner. I am passionate about art and history, always in the search for stories that the surrounding landscape can reveal to us. I love food and I make sure we taste the local specialities and give back to the community.

I can help you realise your dream journey in the mountains: Experience walking from hut to hut and dive into the adventure of a long journey in the wilderness.

Mountain panorama Col du Bavella with Kirsti hiking

Sharing the love of outdoors

We all have to start somewhere, with experience and dedication we gain the skills to fulfil our dreams.

Outdoors experiences are best when shared. Let me help you to get started on a path you want to be on. Spend more time outdoors in the nature.

What we offer

Learn something new

International Mountain Leader is qualified to take you on walks and snowshoe journeys in all the mountains in the world, except on glaciers.

Teaching, trip planning and guiding so that you can focus on enjoying your trip.

Kirsti is an expert wild camper, trail finder and forager.

Foraging and flower spotting

Wild camping on long journeys

Our Partners

Controtendenza Viaggi
XC Chamonix
Guide Valle Gesso
Union of International Mountain Leaders

What is IML

The International Mountain Leader (IML) qualification lets the holder lead groups in different mountains all over the world. IMLs can work with groups on high altitude treks as well as lead groups on snowshoes. 
Read more about UIMLA certification

IML’s, from every member country, have to maintain International Continuing Professional Development (ICPD) to ensure that members are kept up-to-date with the latest developments in mountain leadership.

In France and Italy IML is abbreviated as AMM.

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