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Hike the Tour du Mont Blanc in 10 days, cross the Italian, French and Swiss Alps


The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) circles around Mont Blanc, passing through France, Italy and Switzerland. The route is around 170 kilometres, with 10,000 metres of ascent. Some of the trails are rocky, and completing the route requires a medium level of fitness. The Comfort Tour du Mont Blanc takes 10 days to complete. Each day hiking is 12 – 20 km, with about 1000 metres of climbing.

This comfort tour includes half board accommodation in twin rooms (7 of 9 nights) and mountain hut dormitories, all with shared single-sex bathrooms. This trip includes also luggage transfers and pack lunches. A lightweight backpack and a good night’s sleep makes all the difference!

See you in Chamonix on 20th July 2024 for a trek of your lifetime!

Pay a deposit of 15% per item

Tour du Mont Blanc: A hiker’s paradise in the heart of the Alps

The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is one of the most iconic and popular hiking trails in the world, circumnavigating the majestic Mont Blanc massif through France, Switzerland, and Italy. With its stunning scenery, challenging terrain, and well-established infrastructure, the TMB is a bucket-list trek for hikers of all ages.

It is a fantastic training goal for next summer and something you can be proud to complete!

There are several alternative paths, or “variants”, to the classic route. Some take steeper technical trails, whilst others take shorter, easier ones. We can also shorten some days by taking buses or a ski lift. The route we take depends on the weather, conditions in the mountains and the overall fitness of our group.

Tour du Mont Blanc: Facts and figures

  • Distance: 170 km (106 miles)
  • Elevation gain: 10,000 meters (32,808 feet)
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Highest point:  on the regular Tour du Mont Blanc is 2532m at the Grand Col Ferret; it marks the boundary between Switzerland and Italy.
  • Highest point of variants: The highest points on any variant of the trail are the Col des Fours in France and the Fenêtre d’Arpette in Switzerland, both at an altitude of 2,665 m
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Destination of TMB hike

Mont Blanc massif: Towns of Chamonix & Les Contamines-Montjoie (France), Courmayeur (Italy), La Fouly & Trient (Switzerland).


20th July 2024 from the main bus station in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

12 person group where you get to hike and share dinners with interesting like-minded people

Price 2450€

What’s included in the 2450€ price?

  • A rich and healthy lunch pack on each stage
  • Full qualified international mountain leader (IML)
  • Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc in 10 days
  • Half-Board (breakfast, 3 course dinner)
  • Luggage Transfer (max. 15kg per unit) to most overnight accommodations
  • Private Accommodation (twin / double) on 7 nights out of the 9 (two nights in in mountain hut dormitories)

What’s not included?

  • Equipment rental
  • Pick-up / drop-off in the Chamonix-Valley
  • Pre- / post-trek accommodation
  • Private expenses (souvenirs, drinks, etc.)
Single rooms where available: €60.- per person and per day


The first recorded attempt to circumnavigate Mont Blanc was made by a Swiss geologist Horace Bénédict de Saussure, who was seeking the best way to summit the Mont Blanc. However, it wasn’t until the late 19th century that the TMB began to gain popularity as a hiking trail. In 1889, the French Alpine Club published the first guidebook to the TMB, and the trail quickly became a favourite amongst European hikers.

Today, the TMB attracts hikers from all over the world. It is a demanding trek, but the rewards are immense. Enjoy the stunning views of Mont Blanc and the surrounding Alps, come and experience the diverse cultures, cuisine and landscapes of three countries. Watch the night fall in the wild mountains when you sleep high up in a mountain hut, read more about the rifugio huts, written by Happy Tracks our partner company.

Why it’s beautiful

Evening light over limestone cliffs by Col du Bonhomme in France

The TMB is a feast for the senses. Hikers are treated to stunning views of snow-capped peaks, alpine meadows, crystal-clear lakes, and rushing rivers. The trail also passes through charming villages and towns, each with its own unique character.

When to hike

The best time to hike the TMB is during the summer months, from June to September. During this time, the weather is generally mild and sunny, and the trails are snow-free. However, it is important to be aware that the TMB is a popular trail, and it can be crowded during peak season. You can spot amazing flora and fauna along the route any time of the year, but the wildflowers are in bloom especially in June and July.

Ibex wild in the Aiguille Rouges mountains above the treeline by the TMB path

Ibex wild in the Aiguille Rouges mountains above the treeline by the TMB path

Strong magenta flowers of the martagon lily, a wildflower often seen on the TMB

Strong magenta flowers of the martagon lily, a wildflower often seen on the TMB

Tips for hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB)

  • Try out your shoes, pack and clothes: The Tour du Mont Blanc is a challenging but rewarding trek. Make sure you have tested all the hiking equipment and gone on at least two weekend hikes with your equipment, so that when you are out hiking the TMB you can focus on enjoying the journey without anxiety over the gear.
  • Be prepared for altitude: The TMB passes through some high altitudes, up to 2,537m altitude so it is important to be prepared for this. Symptoms at this altitude can include headache and fatigue. We will acclimatise gradually and it is important to drink plenty of fluids.
  • Pack for all types of weather: The weather on the TMB can change quickly, so it is important to pack for all types of weather conditions. This includes rain gear, sunscreen, and warm clothes.
  • Book your trip in advance: The TMB is a popular trail, so in order to avoid disappointment, book early

Hikers will enjoy stunning views of Mont Blanc and the surrounding Alps throughout the hike.

We can customise the itinerary. For example, we can choose to do the TMB in more or fewer days and we may have to add or remove sections of the trail depending on available accommodation, the group and the conditions in the mountains.

The guide and the organisation

Kirsti will be leading this hike

Why hire a guide: If you are new to hiking or the European Alps, ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience by booking with us. We make the trip arrangements hassle free, help with your planning and packing. A guide will assist you along the journey and help pacing yourself if you are not experienced in multi day treks.

We do the booking and organisation in collaboration with Happy Tracks, an experienced operator in the Chamonix valley.


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